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International Competition for creation of works for theremin

“Theremin - 120”


Leon Theremin


1 October – 10 November 2016

the Yekaterinburg ElectroAcoustic Music Studio is holding the International Competition for creation of works for theremin,

dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the Leon Theremin birth.

Laureates Concert will be held on 4 December 2016 in the Big Concert Hall of the Ural State Conservatory (Yekaterinburg).


Deadline for submission of works is from 1 October to 1 November 2016.

RULES  rules_theremin120_eng.pdf

APPLICATION  application_theremin120_eng.doc


of the International Competition for creation of works for theremin
“Theremin – 120”

In 15 (27) August 1896 in St. Petersburg the ingenious Russian and Soviet inventor Lev Sergeevich Theremin was born, known as a creator of various electro-musical instruments and devices, but above all a unique instrument – the theremin. The emergence of the theremin, which received wide circulation in the future in the world, was an important milestone in the development of music technology, without which it would be unthinkable to the emergence of the electronic music as a new direction of music. In August 2016 there is 120-year anniversary of L.S.Theremin. In honor of this great person the International Competition for the creation of works for theremin "Theremin-120 " will held in Yekaterinburg in 2016.

1. General provisions

1.1. The Founders of the International Competition for creation of works for Theremin “Theremin – 120” are:
• the Federal State Educational Institution of the Higher Vocational Training “Ural State M.P.Mussorgsky Conservatory”
• the Independent Nonprofit Organization of Culture “The Yekaterinburg EelectroAcoustic Music Studio” (YEAMS)

1.2. Competition Objectives:
• strengthening the image of the Theremin in the Russian Federation and around the world as a unique instrument in relation to timbre and performing
• increasing interest in the Theremin among composers, musicians and listenership

1.3. Competition Tasks:
• stimulation of creative activity of composers
• creation of new repertoire for the performance on the Theremin
• identification of new talent works for the instrument created in different genres


2. The Conditions and Procedure of the Competition

2.1. Date and Venue of the Competition
The Competition is held in Yekaterinburg on October 01 to November 10, 2016.

Laureates concert will take place on December 4 in the Big Concert Hall of the Ural State Conservatory.

2.2. Conditions of participation in the Competition

The Competition is run in two nominations:
• original compositions for theremin and piano
• projects for the theremin with other electronic devices

In the second nomination different types and modifications of theremin are allowed to use, as well as other electronic tools, instruments, and devices without restriction technology.

Duration of competition works is not more than 10 minutes.

The compositions and projects can include multimedia elements.

Competition works can be implemented in any editor and presented in the .pdf format with demos in the .mp3 or .mp4 format. Compositions to be musical fixation is presented in the .sib format (not higher version Sibelius 7).

Entrants may submit multiple compositions / projects in different nominations.

It allowed the collective participation in projects.

Only the works not published and not publicly performed earlier, the author's rights on which have not been passed to the any legal organizations or physical persons for the period of carrying out of Competition, can be sent.

Competition is opened for representatives of any countries and nationalities no age limit.

Participation in the competition is carried out anonymously. Materials are presented under the epigraph.


2.3. About the competition

The Competition is held in two tours:

I Tour – 01.10.2016 - 31.10.2016
Qualifying round held in absentia. The tour considers applications and competition works submitted to the Organizing Committee.

II Tour – 01.11.2016 - 10.11.2016
II Tour is spent in the form of correspondence voting of the international jury. In the II Tour winners are defined.


2.4. Submission of entries

For participation in the Competition it is necessary to send by e-mail following materials till 31 October 2016 (inclusive):

– application forms in English
– competition work (notes of composition in .pdf and .sib formats or score-instruction in .pdf format with the title of the competitive work and the epigraph with application demos in .mp3 or .mp4 format)
– photo of the participant (participants) in .jpg;
– a scan-copy of the payment document (.jpg).

E-mail for send the materials – yeams@mail.ru

2.5. Information on the results of the competition and the participation in the final concert

Results of the Competition are published on the site of YEAMS – http://yeams.org

Winners will get information on the results of the Competition by e-mail.

Winners are invited to participate in the final concert and for the prize.

The winners give the organizers the right to publish compositions and projects in the form of a music book (printed and electronic versions) and CD.

Travel, accommodation and meals of participants are paid at the expense of the directing party.

The Organizing Committee can assist in the organization of accommodation.

The compositions of winners in the nomination 'The compositions for theremin and piano' will be performed on December 4th 2016 in the final concert by the famous thereminist O. Rostovskaya. The organizing committee will provide a pianist to perform the piano part on the author’s request.

Projects of winners in the nomination 'theremin projects for theremin with other electronic devices' will be also performed on December 4th 2016 in the final concert by project's authors.

In case of using unique electric musical instruments or electronic devices, which the organizing committee does not have, the participant provides his performance with his own devices.


2.6. Financial conditions of participation in the Competition

The Competition is held on sponsor's donations and payments of participants of the Competition.

The entrance fee is $35 (US dollars) for each work.


2.7. Payment of entry fees

Payment of entry fees in US dollars (USD):

IBAN № 40703840416541000006 (transit account USD)
Ekaterinburg, Michurina str., 54 - 3
Russian Federation
INN 6660124099

Commentary: The entry fee to International Competition ‘Theremin – 120’

Method of the payment:  Bank transfer

In case of refusal to participate in the Competition the entrance fee will not be returned.


3. Rewarding of the competition winners

3.1. Laureates and graduates are awarded

Grand Prix – diploma and monetary prize 45000 rubles.


in nomination ‘original compositions for theremin and piano’

I place – the diploma of the winner of I degree
II place – the diploma of the winner of II degree
III place – the diploma of the winner of III degree
the Diploma – the diploma


in nomination ‘projects for the theremin with other electronic devices’

I place – the diploma of the winner of I degree
II place – the diploma of the winner of II degree
III place – the diploma of the winner of III degree
the Diploma – the diploma

3.2. Other types of Awards winners

The winners qualify for the performance of compositions and projects in the final concert on December 4th 2016.

Winners also receive 2 music book and 2 CD with the program of works by competition winners.


3.3. Payment of monetary prize

Monetary prize is paid from the sponsor's donations and the entrance fees of participants of the Competition.

Awarding monetary prize will take place on December 4th 2016.

Monetary prizes aren't sent.

In case of impossibility of arrival to receive the Prize the Organizing Committee of the Competition in exceptional cases can consider a possibility of transferring the monetary prize via Western Union system with payment of the cost of the transfer from the sum of the prize. In case of impossibility transferring the monetary prize this one comes back in prize-winning fund up to a possibility of awarding the winner.

In case of refusal of the prize money unclaimed monetary prize comes back in prize-winning fund.

The Organizing Committee is not responsible for the non-receipt of a prize by the winner of Competition.

The Organizing Committee undertakes measures to the notice of Winners on the contact data declared by them in applications. The Organizing Committee does not bear the responsibility for the non-notification of Winners in case if they indicate of inexact, incomplete or incorrect data.

For the participant of the Competition who has become winner and received rewards in the form of monetary prize, Federal state educational institution of the higher vocational training “Ural State M.P.Mussorgsky Conservatory”, the Independent nonprofit organisation of culture “The Yekaterinburg EelectroAcoustic Music Studio” and other organizations which are taking part in the organization of Competition, aren't tax agents. Participant of the Competition independently carry out tax assignments and other payments provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation, and also laws of those countries which are submitted by winner.


3.4. Force majeure circumstances

In case carrying out of the Competition becomes impossible on circumstances independent of the Organizing Committee (a fire, flooding, earthquake, strike, war, actions of bodies of the government or other circumstances independent of Organizing Committee) therefore delivery to winner of monetary prize becomes impossible, the prize-winning fund of the Competition is kept, and monetary prize are paid to winner at the first opportunity.

The Organizing Committee should in a timely manner, within 3 calendar days after approach of force majeure circumstances, to inform participants of the Competition on a cancelling of the event.


4. Structure of jury, its power, decision-making order

The jury consists of authoritative figures of musical art and incorporates an odd number of participants. The chairman isn't selected.
The jury has the right at its own discretion:
– to make a selection of works for 2 tour of the competition;
– not to award all the awards;
– to divide places and awards;
– to award additional diplomas.
All the judges have equal rights at voting. Decisions of the jury are made by a simple majority vote.
The Jury’s decisions are definitive also are not subject to revision.

5. Author's rights

The outstanding author's rights to works represented on Competition belongs to authors.

The direction of works on participation in the Competition is considered as an agreement of the author to the possible publication of works on the Internet, a mention of works on press, in any materials concerning Competition, in promotional materials-information about the Competition in mass media, in booklets, catalogues, the albums shining the Competition. Thus the author's accessory of each work is kept and underlined. Payment of the fee to authors is not provided.

In case that the participant will send to participate in the Competition a work, not being the author of that work and violating copyrights and other rights of third parties for the use of intellectual property, the participant is obliged to compensate all the damages, including the amount of damages, fines, compensation etc., resulting from bringing the legal owner or other persons to the Organizing Committee of the Competition requirements related to author's rights infringement.

6. Contacts

Tatiana V. Komarova – Director of the Yekaterinburg ElectroAcoustic Music Studio

mailto: yeams@mail.ru


Link to the article by O. Rostovskaya 'How to compose for the theremin':  https://yadi.sk/i/IiRqFcXUwPSX6

Link to the VSTi free BTS Super Theremin V1.0:



Winners of the Competition

Winners of the Competition