Elisabeth Schimana


Has been working as a composer, performer, and radio artist since 1983.

She studied electr-acoustics and experimental music at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and musicology and ethnology at the University of Vienna.

Her work concentrated for manny years on voice / body / electronic and interface design with inductive technologies. She has ongoing cooperations with the Austrian Kunstradio and the Theremincenter Moscow. She also focus on research in the field of woman, art and technology and founded IMA Institute of Mediaarcheology.

Jon Appleton


Jon Howard Appleton (born, 1939 in Los Angeles, California) is a composer, author and the Arthur R. Virgin Professor of Music at Dartmouth College and Visiting Professor of Music at Stanford University. He was educated at Reed College, the University of Oregon and Columbia University. With Homer Keller, he set up the electronic music studio at the University of Oregon.

Dieter Kaufmann


1941 born in Vienna, grew up in Carinthia, studied composition and electro-acoustic music in Vienna under Karl Schiske and Gottfried von Einem and in Paris under Olivier Messiaen, René Leibowitz, Pierre Schaeffer and François Bayle. From 1970 to 2006 Kaufmann has taught at the University of Music and Performing Arts of Vienna two master classes, one in composition (since 1990) and one in electro-acoustic composition (since 1997). Since 2001 he has been president of the Society for Composers’ Mechanical Rights, Austro-Mechana.

Subochev Dmitry

Russia, Moscow

With 1997 - a constant member of the Termen-centre at Moscow Conservatoire of Tchaikovsky.

In 1999 his composition ‘In the stages of motion’ wins a prize of the International competition of electroacoustic music I.M.E.B. (Bourges, France) in a category ‘Residense’, and also 1 award of Russian competition of young composers ‘Crystal Tuning fork 2000’ in a nomination ‘The best electronic composition’.

In 2001 has been invited I.M.E.B. (Bourges, France) on training on a theme “Technology, history and an aesthetics of modern electroacoustic music”.

Artemyev Edward Nikolaevich

Russia, Moscow

the President of the Russian Association of electro-acoustic music. The national actor of the Russian Federation. The composer. As one of the first composers in Russia has started to work in a direction of electro-acoustic music, having selected its centre of the creative aspirations. In 60th years E.Artemev creates a number of compositions in Experimental studio of electronic music (Moscow, the founder - E.A.Murzin) on synthesizer ANS.

Lee Tae Hee

South Korea, Seul

He was trained in the Ural state conservatory with 1996 for 1999 on a speciality "Composition" and additional specialisation "Electronic and computer music". Took part in concerts of electroacoustic music of Festival "Russian Sezon-97" (Yekaterinburg, 1997) and in the concert program of Festival of modern electroacoustic music (Yekaterinburg, 1998). In 1999 it was translated on composer faculty of the Russian Academy of Music named by Gnesin (Moscow). Studied in S.Volkova's class. After the training termination has returned home. Now lives and works in South Korea.

Shchekaleva Julia


Has finished composer branch of the Ural state conservatory of M.P.Musorgsky (2000, a class of professor N.M.Puzey). In parallel there passed specialisation "Electronic and computer music" in a class of senior lecturer T.V.Komarova. Has created several works in various directions: Musique Concrete, Live Electronic (works for the electronic tools, combining possibilities MIDI with interactive control of electronic instruments).

Buzina Timophey


In 2001 has finished composer branch of the Ural state conservatory (the class of professor N.M.Puzey, has finished training in a class of the professor of V.A.Kobekin). In parallel passed specialisation "Electronic and computer music" in a class of senior lecturer T.V.Komarova. Took active part in a studio life. Has created on the basis of the Yekaterinburg studio several compositions. After the termination of the Ural conservatory has arrived in postgraduate study of the St.-Petersburg conservatory in S.Slonimsky's class.

Komarova Tatiana Viktorovna

Russia, Yekaterinburg

Has finished composer faculty of the Ural state conservatory (1979, a class of professor B.D.Gibalina) and postgraduate study of Gorki state conservatory (1989, a class of professor A.A.Nesterov). The winner of All-Union competitions of young composers 1985 and 1987 (nominations chamber and choral music, the diploma of the winner of II degree). Since 1990 - a member of the Union of composers of Russia. In the same 1990 year has come to work to electroacoustics and computer facilities Office and has started to be engaged in electronic music.

Tikhomirova Anna Borisovna

Russia, Yekaterinburg

In 2000 has finished the Ural state conservatory on the ‘composition’ speciality (class of professor N.M.Puzei). Was among the first graduates on additional specialization ‘Electronic and computer music’ (class of senior lecturer T.V.Komarova, musical sound producing chair). Since 1997 has started to work in the Yekaterinburg Studio of electroacoustic music. Has carried out some creative projects.