video artist

Martin Breindl


Education has received in Academy of applied arts and University (Vienna). Since 2001 - the curator of project FotoInitianive and designer Kunstradio Online. Works in the field of video and visual art, installation art. The author and the participant of many multimedia projects as in Austria, and abroad. Has a number of awards for creative projects. Enters into creative association ' Alien Production '.

Awards and grants:

1990 - Award of the state of Lower Austria for visual arts

1992 - scholarship of the Ministry of Arts

Yana Aksenova

Russia, Moscow

With 1994 co-operates with the Termen-centre, is engaged in electronic music, a computer drawing and videoart. Per 1997 worked as the video engineer at A.Vasileva's theatre. 1998-1999 - works in advertising as the video artist In 1998 with group of musicians is included into the project ‘е69’, where plays the core on theremin, and creates video performances for performances of this group. In 2001 (Germany), and Alla Kovgan (USA) on a video shooting and direction of dancing films visited Gregor Lutsa's summer master classes.