Volkov Vladimir

Russia, St. Petersburg

Has finished composer branch of the Ural state conservatory of M.P.Mousorgsky (1994). Since 1993 he is a member of Association of electroacoustic music of the Russian Federation and the International Confederation of electroacoustic music. Trained at University of Northern Illinois (DeKalb, the USA, October, 1994). The basic sphere of creative interests - electroacoustic music. Worked in the field of sound programming Csound much. In 1994-1995 he worked over creation of the first version of cover Outline for Csound together with the programmer V.Avraamov. In 2000 the experimental compositions created by V.Volkovym in the environment of language of sound programming Csound, have been included by the professor of Berkeley of college (Boston, the USA) Richard Boulanger in The Csound Catalog (The MIT Press, USA).

In 1995Vladimir Volkov became the director of the Ural centre for electroacoustic music organised by him. A basis of activity of the centre experiments in the field of electroacoustic music and multimedia, creation of the software for synthesis of a sound and a computer composition have made, participation in the international projects.

V.Volkov's products were executed in concerts of electroacoustic music in the USA, France, Moscow. Took part in the organisation and the creative program of the 1st Festival of electronic music in Yekaterinburg (April, 1992), concerts of electronic music (the International Demidovsky Assembly, Nizhni Tagil, 1992). Participated in the Concert electroacoustic music within the limits of festival ‘Russian Sezon-97’ (Yekaterinburg, 1997), in Festival of modern electroacoustic music (Yekaterinburg, 1998) and anniversary festival “10 years of electroacoustic music in Ural Mountains” (Ekaterinburg, November, 2000). In June, 2000 he has carried out the multimedia project “Theatre of electronic music” in format Dolby Surround. Since 2001 lives and works in St.-Petersburg.