Alexey Vohmjakov

Russia, Yekaterinburg

Was born, lives, works in Ekaterinburg. At various times played with various instrumental ensembles. Now works as the artist all over the world at the Ekaterinburg academic opera and ballet theatre. One of the basic affairs to whom he devotes the most part of the free time - creation of musical instruments and playing on them. Some of the instruments created by it are approached to ethnic acoustic instruments with which sounding Alexey makes various experiments in the course of their record in various acoustic conditions. Others one are electroacoustic in full sense of the given word. Today he is the author already several original acoustic and electroacoustic instruments. The basic sphere of creative interests - improvisation music. Took part in organization of concerts and seminars of festivals 1997-1998. Performed his compositions in concert programs of the International festivals of electroacoustic music and multimedia ALTERMEDIUM.02 and ALTERMEDIUM.03, at anniversary festival "15 years of electroacoustic music on the Ural", and also at Yekaterinburg festivals "Synchronisation" - >SYNC.06 and >SYNC.07.