Sumina Nadezda

Russia, Yekaterinburg

In 2002 has finished composer branch of the Ural state conservatory. Has simultaneously passed a course of additional specialisation "Electronic and computer music" in a class of senior lecturer T.V.Komarova (musical soundprodusing chair), has successfully protected degree work on the given specialisation and in the decision of the state examination board has received additional qualification "the Expert in the field of electronic and computer music". In 2006 has finished postgraduate study on a speciality Musical Soundproduser, Specialisation “Electronic and computer music” (Creative Head - T.V.Komarova). The basic sphere of interests - electroacoustic music. Took part in programs of anniversary festival “10 years of electroacoustic music on the Ural” (Yekaterinburg, 2000), in the international Festivals of electroacoustic music and multimedia ALTERMEDIUM.02 and ALTERMEDIUM.03, in the International festival of New Improvisation Electronic Music V:NM (Graz, Austria) and presentations of the Yekaterinburg Studio (Vienna, Austria), and also in the projects of Studio financed by grants of welfare fund “Institute the Open Society” (1999 - 2000). Repeatedly took part in master classes of known foreign masters in the field of electroacoustic music - director of the Bregman-studio (Dartmouth college, USA), professor J.Appleton – May, 2002, Yekaterinburg; February, 2003, Termen-centre, Moscow; professor D.Kaufmann (faculties of the composition and electroacoustic, Institute of electronic music, Wienn, Austria) – April, 2003, Ekaterinburg. Represented music in I.E.A.M. (Bourges, France, traditional festival Synthese, 2001, 2002). Now works as the senior teacher on the musical produser chair of the Ural State Conservatory.