Tikhomirova Anna Borisovna

Russia, Yekaterinburg

In 2000 has finished the Ural state conservatory on the ‘composition’ speciality (class of professor N.M.Puzei). Was among the first graduates on additional specialization ‘Electronic and computer music’ (class of senior lecturer T.V.Komarova, musical sound producing chair). Since 1997 has started to work in the Yekaterinburg Studio of electroacoustic music. Has carried out some creative projects. Participated in programs of anniversary festival ‘10 years of electroacoustic music on the Ural’ (Yekaterinburg, 2000) and the International Festival of electroacoustic music and multimedia ALTERMEDIUM.02, and also in the projects of Studio financed by grants of welfare fund ‘Institute the Open Society’ (1999 - 2000) . Represented music in I.E.A.M. (Bourges, France, traditional festival Synthese, 2002). Worked on musical sound producing chair of the Ural State Conservatory. Now works in Sverdlovsk regional musical school.