Yang Xiting


Since 1999 it was trained in the Ural state conservatory on a speciality “piano” (class of professor N.G.Pankova). In 2000 has started to pass additional specialization “Electronic and computer music” in a class of senior lecturer T.V.Komarova. Took active part in a creative life of the Ekaterinburg Studio of electroacoustic music. Represented the compositions on master classes of the professor of Dartmouth college Jon Appleton (USA) in May, 2002 (Yekaterinburg, the Ural conservatory) and in February, 2003 (Moscow, the Theremin-centre), and also professors of Institute of electronic music of Dieter Kaufmann (Wienn, Austria). In May-June, 2003 has taken part in a trip of the Yekaterinburg studio on the International festival V:NM (Austria). With 2004 for 2006 it was trained in postgraduate study of the Ural state conservatory on two specialities: “piano” (class of professor N.G.Pankova) and “Musical soundprodusing”, specialization “Electronic and computer music” (class of senior lecturer T.V.Komarova). After the postgraduate study termination has left to work to motherland. Worked at university the Chan-chun where taught a piano and electronic music. Since 2008 works as a teacher at Huaqiao university of the Ksiamen city (China).