Kouzmin Vladimir


Was born in Vladivostok. Since 1963 lives in Sverdlovsk - Yekaterinburg. Higher education has received in Sverdlovsk a college of mines where it was trained on a speciality "Automation of productions". After the institute termination in 1976 has asked distribution to Sverdlovsk factory of electroautomatics. In electromusic department worked since 1976 on 1991, having passed a way from a post of the engineer-researcher to a post of the main designer of electromusical instruments. Has developed: a spring reverberator (1977), "FAEMI M", electrobody with an autorhythm "Manual", piano-string "Quintet". Was the main designer of working out of "Polivoks" (serial release since 1984) An analogue-digital synthesizer "Maestro", a vocal synthesizer "ВС-34", a digital synthesizer with autoaccompaniment "Arton IK-51". Took part in workings out of a vocoder, the ton generator, the MIDI-keyboard, remote MIDI-controller RK-11K. Since 1991 worked at Kachkanarsky radio factory "Formanta" where also was engaged in designing of new musical devices. Since 1992 heads the Ural Center of musical technology. In 1992 took active part in the organisation and carrying out of scientific and technical conference and a technical exhibition of radio factory " Formanta", spent within the limits of the First Festival of electronic music in Yekaterinburg / the report on new workings out of musical tools/. With 1997 for 2000 taught an author's course of "Eelectroacoustics Basis" on Musical Soundproducing chair of the Ural state conservatory of M.P.Musorgsky. The Ural Center of musical technology headed by it repeatedly has supported Festivals of the electroacoustic music spent by the Yekaterinburg studio.