Fedoseyev Igor


Has finished communication technical school, then the Ural electromechanical institute of a railway transportation (1978). After the institute termination was engaged in workings out in the field of opto-electronic fiber glass. From the end of 60th years free from study and work time gives all to music: plays various musical collectives (big-bend by N.Savushkin, ensemble of a recreation centre of Lavrova, etc.). The love to music and calling of the inventor became the arrival reason on Sverdlovsk factory of electroautomatics (the beginning of 80th years). Is the author of ideas of several workings out, including the drum synthesizer started in a batch production "Rocktone" (electronic drums) which later began to be called "Formanta", and also unique remote MIDI-controller RK-11K (1990) . "Maestro", a digital synthesizer with autoaccompaniment of "Arton IK-51", the unique ton generator in which the spectral structure of a sound to 16th harmonic inclusive (the author of idea - G.R.Davletov) has been realised participated in working out of an analogue-digital synthesizer.