Smirnov Andrey

Russia, Moscow

Has ended MFTI in 1979. Worked in FIAN the USSR, being engaged in researches in area of physics of magnetic domains. In 1975 has taken a great interest in working out of technics for synthesis and sound processing. In 1977-1979 worked in Problem Laboratory of the Moscow state conservatory under the direction of professor Andrey Volodin, developing modules of an electronic synthesizer of a sound. Since 1978 spent independent workings out, taking part in various all-Union and international exhibitions. Has publications in a number of the Soviet magazines on subjects "Electronic music". Since 1982 co-operated Audio-visual Group of the Museum of Astronautics of the USSR, making researches in the sphere of spatial sounding systems. Since 1982 worked at Institute of Psychology AN of the USSR, participating in working out of a computer complex of equipment for self-control of the person by a method of a biological feedback, developing a special synthesizer of a sound as a part of a complex on the basis of computer PDP-11. Since 1987 supervised soundlaboratory of the All-Russia Association Creative Masterful STD RSFSR, being engaged in musical registration and carrying out of experimental performances of the theatres entering into Association. Took part in festivals of theatrical and musical avant-guard in Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, the USA. In May, 1992 has created the noncommercial studio of electroacoustic music named subsequently the Theremin-centre. Since October, 1992 gives lectures, spends a practical training and individual work with composers in Theremin-centre studios, will organise concerts, festivals. Together with the American partners has spent a number of the international conferences and workshop in the USA and Europe (grants Rokfeller Foundation, International Research and Exchange Board, VcArthur Foundation, Open Society Institute).