Artemyev Edward Nikolaevich

Russia, Moscow

the President of the Russian Association of electro-acoustic music. The national actor of the Russian Federation. The composer. As one of the first composers in Russia has started to work in a direction of electro-acoustic music, having selected its centre of the creative aspirations. In 60th years E.Artemev creates a number of compositions in Experimental studio of electronic music (Moscow, the founder - E.A.Murzin) on synthesizer ANS. From created during this period the greatest popularity was received "Mosaic" (1967) and "by Twelve sights at the sound world" (1969), become by classics of Russian electroacoustic music.

E.Artemeva's music constantly sounds at the most prestigious international festivals, representing the Russian experimental electronic music. One of the most considerable products of the end of 80th years - "Three sights at revolution" (1989) has been written to the 200 anniversary of the French revolution for traditional festival of electronic music in Bourges (France). One of considerable works of last period - 3 parts composition "I would like to return" has been created by request of institute of electronic music G.M.E.B. (Bourges, France) also is realised in its studio in 1994. The same year this composition with success has been executed at festival of electroacoustic music in Bourges.

E.Artemev one of the first domestic composers has started to apply means of musical electronics in cinema music. It is the author of music to films "Solaris", "Stalker", "Mirror", "the love Slave", "Some days from a life of Oblomova", "Relatives", "Sibiriada", "the Siberian barber", etc.