Yana Aksenova

Russia, Moscow

With 1994 co-operates with the Termen-centre, is engaged in electronic music, a computer drawing and videoart. Per 1997 worked as the video engineer at A.Vasileva's theatre. 1998-1999 - works in advertising as the video artist In 1998 with group of musicians is included into the project ‘е69’, where plays the core on theremin, and creates video performances for performances of this group. In 2001 (Germany), and Alla Kovgan (USA) on a video shooting and direction of dancing films visited Gregor Lutsa's summer master classes. 2001-2002 - worked as the sound producer at theatre of the Moscow Council. 2003 - works as the concert sound producer of group DUBTV

Works from video, a computer drawing and dance in Russia and Germany. Works with musical performances and other aspects of multimedia of arts. Has about 15 author's video works As thereminist co-operated with musical collectives е69, Mars attacks!, the north, and also participated in performances of Total theatre. Conducts active concert activity with various musicians of an alternative direction.