Subochev Dmitry

Russia, Moscow

With 1997 - a constant member of the Termen-centre at Moscow Conservatoire of Tchaikovsky.

In 1999 his composition ‘In the stages of motion’ wins a prize of the International competition of electroacoustic music I.M.E.B. (Bourges, France) in a category ‘Residense’, and also 1 award of Russian competition of young composers ‘Crystal Tuning fork 2000’ in a nomination ‘The best electronic composition’.

In 2001 has been invited I.M.E.B. (Bourges, France) on training on a theme “Technology, history and an aesthetics of modern electroacoustic music”.

In 2002 has headed the project ‘Mind feedbacks’ - The open experimental environment for composers, executors, dancers, video artists and all wishing to experiment in the new areas of interactive art designated by themes “The person and Virtuality”. The first work within the limits of the project “Mind feedbacks” has been presented in the winter of 2002 in the centre “House” at Theremin-centre festival “Actions – interactions”. It was interactive sound installation, the public who has come on a concert was the composer and performer.

D.Subocheva's works among which chamber instrumental, vocal, electroacoustic compositions, live improvisations, music for theatre and modern dance, were executed at various concerts and festivals: "the Moscow autumn" (Russia), "the Moscow forum" (Russia), "Alternative" (Russia), "Altermedium" (Russia), Genoa 2002 (Italy), festival of modern music of Milan conservatory (Italy), festival of electroacoustic music “Synthese” (France), the Russian platform of the international festival of modern dance “SHOP”, concerts in the cultural centre “HOUSE”, Moscow Conservatoire of Tchaikovsky, Musical Academy in Basel (Switzerland), Milan conservatory (Italy), in Dartmouth college (Hanover, staff New Hampshire, USA).