The author of the project - German musician Jogannes Valmann.

The organisation of the Russian part of the project: the head of the Yekaterinburg ElectroAcoustic Music Studio – T.V.Komarova

Organizational and technical support: State TV Co, musical edition.

J.Valmanna's ARIA concept represented the global international sound-project for 7 sopranos and 7 different sound landscapes (soundscapes), chosen and fixed in 7 points of globe.

Presentation of the Yekaterinburg ElectroAcoustic Music Studio (S.A.Sidelnikov, T.V.Komarova) on joint actions of the Russian and American experts within the limits of the International Festival "Alternative" (the Theremin-Centre, the Moscow conservatory).

Leading professors became participants of the program from an American side, many of which are a legend of electronic and computer music.